Liz a linchpin Warburton responder

Three and a half years ago, new Warburton resident Liz Rogers got in touch with her local brigade to get informed about local bushfire risk.

The friendly response at the fire station encouraged her and partner Martin to join the brigade and now they’re part of the group critical to Warburton’s daytime response.

“We’re hard workers and we took to it like ducks to water,” said Liz. “We got into Minimum Skills straight away and also went to brigade training to reinforce what we were learning. I do better with hands-on than theory.

“I’m a team player so I just want to know how I can help. If you want me on the back of the pump, I’m there.”

Martin has his truck driver’s licence while Liz has a background in nursing which enables her to approach motor vehicle accidents with professional calm. She now works only two minutes from the station running her own beauty therapy business.

While she describes herself as “tomboyish” and thinks that “a dirty job is a good job,” she’s been known to turn out with hair and nails done and in full make-up because that’s the life of a beauty therapist firefighter.

Liz’s flexibility and keenness led to Warburton naming her Rookie of the Year. She’s also got the role as organiser of brigade fundraising events often involving parking at Mt Donna Buang bike races. She is also the brigade’s community safety coordinator.

“I love it,” said Liz. “The ongoing training, encouragement to try new things and family environment are contributing factors for a long term commitment. The brigade is our second family,” she said.

In fact her first family is about to expand with Liz due to have her first child in January. She’s still turning out.

“The brigade has been very supportive,” she said. “As long as your turnout gear fits and I have medical clearance to be active, there are multiple roles you can fill. We get allocated to our strengths.”

Author: Leith Hillard