Lockwood shed fire a reminder of the dangers of leaving battery charging unattended

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Lockwood Fire Brigade responded to a shed fire caused by lead acid battery left on charge unattended (20 January).


On Saturday, around 3.30pm CFA crews from Lockwood, Kangaroo Flat, Maiden Gully, Marong and Golden Square responded to a shed fire on McGalshans Road, Lockwood South. 

Upon arrival, crews found the shed fully engulfed in flames. It was believed to have been caused by a golf cart equipped with a lead acid battery that had been left on charge. 
Lockwood Fire Brigade Captain, Dean Heather said crews worked fast under challenging conditions to stop the spread of the fire. 

“The Group Officer made the call early to call in the support of neighbouring brigades as there was no main water source to the area,” he said. 

“There were a number of large trees surrounding the property and crews did a fantastic job of stopping further spread of the blaze.” 

“Firefighters worked on the fire for an hour, attacking it from both sides to bring it under control.” 

Victoria Police also attended the scene. 


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Submitted by Eddie Seah