More CFA crews deployed to help with NSW bushfires

Today, Sunday 17 November, another 177 CFA personnel will depart for NSW to assist with the ongoing bushfire emergency.


Strike teams from D13, D14, D6 and D7 along with two communications technicians, a peer support officer and two district mechanical officers departed on Sunday at 1.30pm from Melbourne Air Base. 

Another flight departed this evening at 7.20pm carrying two district mechanical officers, two peer support officers and crews from D9, D12, D15, D16, D22 and D27.

CFA personnel before boarding flight 1

State Commander and Deputy Chief Officer Stephanie Rotarangi said she was incredibly proud of the organisation and its people.

“I’m really proud to be a part of CFA today. I wish our departing firefighters and those still on the ground all the very best.”

“I’d also like to thank our teams returning home this evening for their extraordinary efforts along with their families and employers for their continued support,” said Dr Rotarangi. 

The Aviation Fire Service came out to farewell the departing crews

Thirty-six CFA members are due to return home this evening while 510 remain deployed assisting communities in NSW.

CFA has sent more than 890 people interstate since 1 October, including incident management teams, strike teams, task forces, welfare support, liaison personnel and aviation specialists.

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Author: CFA Media