Ruff day for Rottweiler rescued from mine shaft

CFA’s Maldon Fire Brigade and Oscar 1 Mine Rescue Team worked with Fire Rescue Victoria crews to rescue a dog from a mine shaft - the second canine stuck in that shaft within a year.


The call came just before 3pm, with CFA crews turning out to Anzac Hill Road.

“On arrival, the first crew realised it was the same mine shaft we rescued another dog from in October 2019, and called for Oscar 1 Mine Rescue Team,” said Maldon Fire Brigade Captain Sean McCubbin.

“It’s a very interesting process. The mine rescue team and FRV teams lowered in a gas monitoring system to check for carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in the shaft to ascertain whether it was safe to enter.

“Then the crews assisted helping the Oscar 1 team pull ropes and set up for the rescue which took about 45 minutes.”

Captain McCubbin said the Rottweiler-cross-Bull Mastiff was ecstatic when it was reunited with its humans.

“It basically leapt form the rescue team’s harness and went straight across to the owners.”

Maldon is known as a gold mining area, and has a lot of uncovered mine shafts that could be hidden by overgrown bushes.

“Our team also retrieved a border collie last year that was stuck in that same shaft for three days.

“It was an almighty effort by the pup without any food or water.”

Captain McCubbin said the rescue was another great example of cooperation with Fire Rescue Victoria. 

“Working together with FRV was fantastic, and it was great to see the specialised teams like CFA’s Oscar 1 and FRV’s trench rescue team in action.”

Author: CFA Media