Statement from the CFA Board

Today (25 June) CFA Chief Officer and CEO Steve Warrington AFSM tendered his resignation, which the CFA Board has accepted. 


Steve has given more than forty years of dedicated service to the CFA and Victorian community.

He has served the organisation and the people of Victoria with passion, skill and warmth.

Steve Warrington began his service as a CFA volunteer at Chelsea brigade in 1978 before joining the staff as a career firefighter in 1983.

He continued volunteering alongside his staff role for another 14 years, demonstrating outstanding commitment to both firefighting roles.

Steve has been with CFA through Ash Wednesday, the 2009 Victorian Fires and provided strong, expert leadership through the recent 2019/20 fires, minimising the loss of lives and property.

Steve was appointed Chief Officer of the CFA in 2016 and also accepted the concurrent role of CEO in 2019.

He was awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal in 2017.

On behalf of the Board, we thank Steve for his decorated service to the people of Victoria and wish him all the best for the future.

We will be announcing an interim CEO shortly.

Greg Smith


Author: News and Media