Thanks from Whittlesea/Diamond Valley Group

Last night was the last Whittlesea Diamond Valley Group meeting for outgoing Group Officer Urs Biedermann, 1st DGO Ken Williamson and 2nd DGO Warren Emery. The three officers have provided many years of service to CFA and to the Group in particular.

The Group wanted to recognise the service of these members, but a conventional certificate or plaque did not seem to be the best way. A novel alternative was suggested and so, at the meeting last night GO Biedermann and DGO Williamson were presented with framed caricatures representing their service as officers of the Group. Each drawing included a CFA vehicle that formed an important part of their service and an impression that shows them as many others will have encountered them in their CFA duties.

GO Biedermann’s Swiss heritage is represented by the cow bell he holds and the vehicles depicted are projects that he has worked hard to make a reality during his time in office; the Group FCV kindly provided at no charge by Max Kirwan Mazda, and a proposed large diameter hose carrier.

DGO Williamson is depicted as many have seen him on the fireground; sleeves rolled up and ready for action.  He is shown with the Whittlesea Brigade car which is a bit unusual; there are not many metallic maroon Landcruisers seen on the fireground.

DGO Emery was unable to attend the meeting due to work commitments so his picture will be presented when there is another suitable opportunity. He is also shown with his sleeves rolled up ready for action and he is clutching his sunglasses, a signature item.

Author: Trevor Kinsey