Trailers build chainsaw capability

New chainsaw training trailers in the West, South East and North West regions will allow an additional 300 volunteers to train in chainsaw cross cutting techniques each year. 


DCO James Dullard inspects the new trailers at CFA Headquarters

Chainsaws can be used for cutting up tree limbs, gaining access and egress from the fireground and mopping up after fires, making them one of the most important and used tools in CFA.

The addition of these three trailers increases the number of trailers across the state to five. This means that each region now has its own dedicated chainsaw training trailer to support the delivery of the Chainsaw Crosscut qualification for up to 10 participants at a time.

Built by Eureka trailers in Ballarat, the state-of-the-art trailers carry everything needed to learn chainsaw maintenance, operation and safety. This equipment includes chainsaws, tools, spare parts, protective equipment, fuel and consumables.

DCO Training Gregg Paterson said the new chainsaw trailers have increased volunteer access to contemporary chainsaw training.

“Each region now has their own dedicated trailer meaning more of our operational volunteers can complete training within their local area,” Gregg said.

“Chainsaws are vital on the fireground. Better access to training means better safety for our people as they manage the risks associated with fighting fire in a wildfire environment.”

To find out more about booking chainsaw training for your brigade contact your local district HQ.

The trailers were funded through the State Government’s $60 million investment in the Victorian Fire Services as part of the 2017 Fire Services Statement.  

Author: Shaunnagh O'Loughlin