2021 Member Quick Reference Guide edition now available

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The 2021 edition of CFA’s Member Quick Reference Guide is now available to members in print and digital copies.



The Member Quick Reference Guide has been in circulation for many years and is a handy resource that members can refer to when engaging with their communities. It's designed as a pocket-sized guide with all the essential fire safety information at your fingertips.

This guide is helpful for new members establishing their foundational knowledge and longstanding members wanting to keep their knowledge up to date. It aims to combine all the key information to engage with your community such as tips and resources for effective engagement, home fire safety key messaging, bushfire and grassfire key messaging, and sources for your community to stay informed.

The 2021 update includes four new pages on resources and tools to support your community engagement. This includes guidance on:

Also included are revisions to the home fire safety, publications, and programs pages to ensure all information is current.

The guide has been developed as a digitally accessible version with clickable links throughout. You can access the digital version on the Community Engagement Content Portal or on Members Online.



Submitted by Deanna Simmons