A heartfelt donation to protect the safety of all

The Glenlyon Group of fire brigades recently received a generous donation from the Daylesford and Trentham Community Banks for the purchase of three defibrillators and eight sets of chainsaw protection equipment.


Glenlyon Group Secretary Bob Floky

The Glenlyon Group was first approached by the Daylesford District Community Bank offering to assist with a grant to purchase the equipment to better aid brigades in fulfilling their roles within the areas serviced by the Community Banks.

After consultation the group expressed its need for a CFA-owned defibrillator as some brigades currently rely on the one shared by the community.

The Community Banks provided CFA with funds to not only buy one defibrillator but two, plus eight sets of chainsaw protection equipment. The donation was presented to the brigades in the group on 23 December 2020 at Daylesford Fire Station.

Glenlyon Group Secretary Bob Floky accepted one of the donations and thanked the Community Banks.

“Once again, the Community Banks have demonstrated their invaluable support to fire brigades and through this process supporting our communities,” Bob said.

The presentation of the equipment was carried out by Margaret Hodge as Chair of our Community Investment Committee along with Committee members Joan Jansson, Carol Ross and Victor Szwed.

“The defibrillators have been installed into the new acquired Forward Control Vehicles,” Bob added. “These vehicles are located at Daylesford and Trentham brigades as well as the ultralight at Leonards Hill to obtain the best advantage and utilisation of such valuable equipment to best preserve life.

“The donation of the protective chainsaw equipment ensures that the Glenlyon, Musk, Trentham and Franklinford meet compliance when operating chainsaw equipment.

“The Group sincerely extends its deepest thanks and gratitude for the support given by the Daylesford and Trentham Community Banks for making this possible.”

Author: Holly Penketh