A purrfect rescue in Sedgwick

CFA firefighters safely rescued a seven month old cat from a tree in Sedgwick last night, 1 July.


Lt Josh King and Little Foot

A Sedgwick crew was called to help save a family’s pet feline named Little Foot, who had been chased by a neighbourhood dog around 10 metres up a tree on Edenvale Drive at around 7.30pm.

Lieutenant Josh King and Firefighter Michael Avery practised patience and persistence to coax the cat into their safe arms.

“Initially the cat kept running further up the tree when we would ascend to rescue him,” Lt King said.

“The job was made complicated with the terrain and surrounding trees but we managed it safely using the ladder.

“We used a cat carrier and secured it to one end of the tree and coaxed him towards it.

“With some reassurance and some food we were able to tempt him in and we were able to lower him safely using a rope.”

Little Foot was rescued and handed back to its owners by 8.25pm.

Author: CFA News & Media