A way forward for Sutton Grange and Myrtle Creek Fire Brigade

Member News image Sutton Grange and Myrtle Creek Captain, Jan Hull receiving a National Emergency Medal for the Black Summer fires.


Jan Hull has been striving towards captaincy within CFA for over 30 years, and now as Sutton Grange and Myrtle Creek’s first woman to become Captain, she is ready to put her promising ambitions into action.


To ensure the brigade continues making progressive advancements, Jan is hoping the 58-strong cohort can boost their skills through a number of proactive initiatives. 

“I’m most looking forward to leading the brigade itself and to lean into the future to utilise more technology, get people up to speed through more training and implement a few different ways of operating.” she said.

For Jan, volunteerism is at the core of all aspects of her life, so it’s no surprise she is leaving a dedicated legacy across many other organisations within the community.

“I started out at Harcourt CFA and was in the Ladies Auxiliary doing refreshments with my mum. I then went onto becoming their first woman to graduate as a firefighter.”

With four generations of her family now involved in CFA, and most paving the way in a leadership role, Jan couldn’t be prouder of how far they’ve come in their respective brigades. 

“My grandfather was Secretary of Harcourt, dad was the Captain and Group Officer, now my brother is Harcourt’s Captain, his wife is Secretary and Treasurer and one of their girls is now an active firefighter.

“I couldn’t do this without the support of my husband and two children. He’s been involved for over 20 years, and both of our kids are active firefighters, with our youngest now 4th Lieutenant.

“Pre-election, I was 3rd Lieutenant for Sutton Grange and Myrtle Creek, and previously in a comms role.

“We all love helping and supporting people at a time when they’re in need. To be able to give back to our community and help protect them is why we do what we do.”

Working as a primary school integration support officer, Jan has found her CFA and teaching skills go beneficially hand in hand.

“At school, I’m helping the kids and staff problem solve through various circumstances, then at CFA we develop the ability to work under pressure, so I do reap the rewards of both skillsets.

“If you’re wanting to give CFA a go, jump in, become a sponge, learn off others around the brigade and always put your hand up for any training opportunities to keep evolving your skills.”

If you’re interested in joining CFA or learning more about volunteering, head here to ‘Give Us a Hand’.


Submitted by CFA Media