Belgrave leads the way for Lantern Festival

Member News image Image: Pauline Klemm


Belgrave Fire Brigade members have celebrated their 100th anniversary by leading the way in the town’s annual Lantern Festival.


Held each June to celebrate the Winter Solstice, the event sees thousands gather in Belgrave to parade through the streets with lanterns to ‘drive away the darkness’.  While figures are not in for this year, organisers have estimated more than 10,000 people have attended in previous years.

This year Belgrave Fire Brigade had the honour of leading the parade, celebrating 100 years of protecting their local community.

Belgrave Fire Brigade 3rd Lieutenant Shane Brosnan said that while the brigade has taken part in the event for many years now, it was special to be able to lead the way.

“We’ve been involved in the parade for about ten years now, but generally we take part in a fire safety and community engagement role, showing kids the trucks and telling the community about fire safety,” he said.

“As a brigade we’ve never actually walked in the parade, so being able to lead while supported by the Ringwood Highland Pipe Band was really special.”

“Participating in community events is important for the brigade”, Shane added.

“The fire station is on the other side of town, there’s a railway line and a bridge that physically separates the brigade from the township, so actually being in the township and doing things with the township is really special and super important for us.

“It’s not just people from Belgrave who come to the event, it’s people from all over, so getting to show both the town and the work of CFA to the broader community is great.”

The brigade’s lantern was a special one, designed by local artist Renata Crow and made by Belgrave Fire Brigade’s Juniors, who carried the lantern on the night.

Funded by the Belgrave Traders Association as a gift to the brigade, the lantern will now be housed at the Belgrave Fire Station.


  • Member News imageImage: Pauline Klemm
  • Member News image Image: Pauline Klemm
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