Brigades skill up for road crash response

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Glenlyon Group within CFA’s District 15 has teamed up with Ambulance Victoria to better support local brigades responding to serious motor vehicle accidents.


As CFA recognises National Road Safety Week (16-23 May) and urges Victorians to take care our roads, it revealed it responded to 4,290 motor vehicle accidents across the state in 2020.

Glenlyon Group Training Co-Ordinator Glenn Webster and Daylesford paramedic Sophie Abbott developed a workshop, MVA response: Turning chaos into control, with Ambulance Victoria and CFA Training to support brigades facing an increasing number of serious MVAs in CFA’s Hepburn Catchment.

“Unfortunately, so far this year there have been three serious crashes in our area with significant traumatic injuries. With this in mind and with the onset of the wetter weather and more hazardous driving conditions, we set up some training to help better prepare our brigades,” Glenn said.

Volunteer firefighters from Hepburn, Franklinford, Musk, Glenlyon, Porcupine Ridge, Trentham, Newlyn Dean, Kingston and Leonards Hill were among those who attended the training at Daylesford Fire Brigade, which offered up its station and a rescue appliance for the training across three dates over the past month.

They received a 45-minute presentation by Ambulance Victoria focusing on what to do for the patient, what to look for, what information to include in a ‘sitrep’ [situation report] for paramedics and how to assist Ambulance Victoria at the scene. An ambulance was brought to the session to allow members to learn how to load a stretcher.

It was followed by a rescue presentation focusing on the positioning of CFA vehicles, fire suppression, information in ‘sitreps’ and how to assist CFA rescue with equipment. The Daylesford Rescue appliance and rescue members attended on the night to assist.

“Our members already have first aid training, which is valuable, but this training has allowed members to learn how to deal with traumatic road crash injuries, standard operating procedures, fire control, and provide members with more knowledge and confidence,” Glenn said.

CFA District 15 Commander Luke Kneebone commended Glenn, Sophie, Ambulance Victoria and Daylesford Fire Brigade for the initiative and thanked brigade members for their participation.

“Daylesford Fire Brigade is rescue accredited but often it is other smaller brigades that get on scene first – and often before any other emergency services,” he said.

“It can be quite challenging and confronting for brigades not specifically trained for these events, other than to provide basic fire protection. These Brigades are often required to stay for long durations, performing any number of roles due to lack of resources or delays often amplified remoteness of the incidents.”

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