Care packages supporting brigade members

Emerald Fire Brigade recently organised care packages for members of their brigade as a morale boost and show of support.


Emerald’s Brigade Management Team (BMT) also wanted to show their appreciation of members’ commitment to the new way of operating in a COVID-19 environment. Brigade Captain Paul Yandle said the past few months have been difficult for members.

“Aside from the stress involved with COVID-19 which has impacted our members, our brigade recently lost a much-loved member," Paul said.  

“On top of this, four members of our brigade have lost close family members over recent months and another lost his home in a during the recent storms when a tree fell on his house.”

Emerald Brigade 2nd Lieutenant Klaus Brodeck came up with the idea to deliver care packages to members of the brigade. The care packages were paid for by brigade members who supported local business by providing them with much needed sales.

He organised a donation of 40 empty cherry boxes from Upick Cherries for the hampers which were provided to members through contactless delivery.

Klaus said it was a great opportunity for the whole community.

“We have received amazing support from the Emerald Fruit Barn for many years, so we settled on a fruit and veggie hamper for each of our members,” he said.

“The care packages were a great way to boost morale and also allow us to give back to one of our loyal supporters.

“We have great relationships with our local businesses, and its times like these we really appreciate their support.”

Paul said the BMT had worked well together to support its members.

“As a BMT we are extremely mindful of everyone’s welfare, not only due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, but the personal issues and grief that our members have faced recently,” he said.

“It was important for the brigade to check in with the membership and it was just a small gesture to look after our own and support our people, during some tough times.

“Our members were extremely appreciative and it was a great opportunity to remind people that the brigade is always here for them in the hard times, even during a lockdown.”

Author: Holly Penketh