CFA celebrates International Volunteer Day 2020

On 5 December CFA will be celebrating International Volunteer Day (IVD) recognising volunteers worldwide for the contribution they make to their communities.


International Volunteer Day 2020 focuses on ‘Together We Can Through Volunteering’ and after an extraordinarily challenging year shines a spotlight on the power of volunteers in Australia and around the world.

Regional Deputy Chief Officers (DCO) across the state have recognised the efforts of all our volunteers.

DCO Rohan Luke, South West Region payed tribute to all volunteers, and acknowledged the vital work that CFA volunteers play in keeping Victorians safe.  

“Volunteers across the region work tirelessly to prepare communities, and respond to emergencies and are vital in providing critical services to the Victorian community in which I personally thank all of our volunteers for their commitment, and professionalism.”

DCO Michael Boatman, West Region thanked the dedication of CFA volunteers and their families.

“The personal lives of our Volunteers and their families are placed on hold in preparation for, and during each summer season. On behalf of CFA, I thank all of our Volunteers for their ongoing dedication.”

DCO Gavin Thompson, North West said from Werribee to Meringur and everywhere in between our volunteers do a remarkable job. 

“Whether it be responding in times of need or engaging with their communities with fire prevention work the team just keeps delivering. Well done and thank you everyone for your continued efforts and contribution to both CFA and the community.”

A/DCO Paul King, North East Region said the twelve month anniversary will be a difficult time for many volunteer members.

“The upcoming twelve month anniversary of many significant fire events and impacts on our members and communities will be a difficult time for many volunteer members who gave their time so courageously and generously through a long and arduous period. I trust that the respect and pride the community has for you on International Volunteers day, will assist you to recognise this difficult anniversary in a healthy way.”

DCO Trevor Owen, South East Region said our volunteers are the pillar of CFA bringing passion, commitment and a willingness to serve and protect their community.

“To put yourself in danger to protect another is what our members do every hour of every day. This dedication and self-sacrifice epitomises the human spirit showing care and compassion for others. Our community based CFA volunteers are renowned as Victoria’s firepower that can be depended on to protect their community.”

CFA will be releasing a recognition article on 5 December, to mark International Volunteer Day; you can find this on News and Media.

Happy International Volunteer Day to all of our volunteers. Thank you for being part of CFA.

Author: CFA News