CFA conducts planned burn at Tungamah

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On Wednesday 7 April CFA and Landcare conducted a successful planned burn at Three Chain Road, Tungamah in District 22.

The burn reintroduced fire, a crucial ecosystem service, to one of the easternmost remnants of native grassland in District 22. 

The burn also reduced fuel loads across the site, reaching the objective of 60-80 per cent coverage of the planned area and reducing the Overall Fuel Hazard rating to low. 

This burn had been planned for three years, and was the first to be conducted in the Moira Shire in the last five years. Representatives from the council present at the burn were deeply impressed with the safe way the burn was conducted. 

Special thanks go to crews from the Tungamah Group, Tungamah Brigade and St James Brigade for their professionalism in conducting the burn.

The Three Chain Road planned burn is an excellent example of how CFA can conduct planned burns which: a) reduce fuel hazard, b) support management of a threatened ecosystem, c) engage constructively with local community groups such as Landcare and d) work with local council.



Submitted by Joshua A. Hodges