Community safety at Cattlemen's Cup Omeo Valley

Last weekend members of the Gippsland Community Safety team attended the Omeo Mountain Cattlemen's Cup.


From 12 to 14 January, staff members from the Community Safety team headed up to the high plains of Omeo Valley to promote the Vic Emergency App, farm fire safety and bushfire/grassfire survival planning for households and communities.

More than 2,000 people from all over Victoria attended our stand to discuss planning for horses and bushfire, barbecue fire safety, campfire safety, and much more.

Attendees came from all walks of life, from dairy farming, cattle farming and metropolitan areas. Our partners at Forest Fire Management were also invited to join us. Their vehicles were a great attraction.

The weekend was highly successful for our team; we received a great reception from the country folk.

Author: Jodie Wilmes