Donations make a big impact on smaller brigades

Member News image Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade received two LED light bars for its tankers.


The District Pick List Program, made possible through the generous donations to CFA following the 2019-20 fire season, has had a positive impact on most of our brigades.


District 2 Brigade Administrative Support Officer Angela Barnes coordinated the Pick List Program for the Eppalock Group.
“It allowed smaller brigades to access items they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford,” Angela said. “Many of the brigades are in small rural communities with limited infrastructure around them and limited ability to fundraise.
“It was like Christmas and a real highlight for brigades to a have an opportunity to specifically pick items from the list that could build their capabilities.”
Mt Camel Fire Brigade, a small rural brigade near Heathcote, received a mobile phone for its tanker to improve communication, reversing camera to improve safety and a mussel that helps pump water from a dam or river.
“The mussel is a real winner,” Secretary and Treasurer Fiona Tranter said. “In the past we’ve used a one-way foot valve covered by a yabby net to draught water from dams to fill our tanker, but when the water level is low it’s not practical. Whereas the mussel is easy to use in all types of dams.”
Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade on the edge of Lake Eppalock is another happy beneficiary of the program, receiving two LED light bars for tanker 1 and tanker 2 (pictured).
“We cover all the club sites and camping areas around Twin Rivers which attract around 6,500 visitors over the Christmas period,” 2nd Lieutenant Mark Forder said. “There is little lighting around, so the LED light bars let us see where we’re going and what we are up against.”
Knowsley Fire Brigade Secretary and Firefighter Denis Crouch said his brigade selected two medium rigid licences, a truck-mounted hose winder, drip torch and some hand-held torches.
“The licences are always appreciated,” Denis said. “When everyone is at work in Bendigo or in the back paddock of their farm during the day not everyone is available, so having more members able to drive the truck builds our response capabilities.”


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