Fireys douse Doreen garage fire

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CFA crews extinguished a garage and house fire in Doreen last Saturday night, 23 October.


Firefighters from Doreen and Mernda fire brigades attended the scene on One Tree Road just before 10pm and were supported by Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), Ambulance Victoria and Victoria Police crews.

Doreen firefighter Dave Slattery said crews wearing Breathing Apparatus (BA) conducted an aggressive attack on the fire to limit the spread.

“The fire had heavily impacted the garage, so crews did their best to limit the spread to the house,” he said.

“As we brought the fire under control, we used thermal imaging cameras to identify any hotspots and extinguished them to prevent further flare ups.”

The scene was declared safe at around 11.05pm and the fire had been successfully contained to the garage and roof space.

“The smoke alarms inside the home activated and the occupants inside self-evacuated before anyone was hurt,” firefighter Slattery said.

“It’s another example of how having working smoke alarms installed inside your home can save you and your family’s life.”

Crews conducted atmospheric tests inside the home to determine whether it was safe to return inside the structure.

“The work by crews from all agencies on scene was phenomenal and everyone worked well together to get the job done.”

Fire investigators determined the fire to have been caused by an electrical fault.


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