It’s déjà vu for Snake Valley Fire Brigade's volunteer, Kerryann

Member News image Kerryann on her visit to her local fire brigade in her first year at school


Passionate about community fire safety education, Kerryann is a regular visitor to the Snake Valley campus of Woady Yaloak primary school where she loves to interact with the kids.


A fire near her property over 10 years ago introduced Kerryann to her local brigade members, who encouraged her to join, and about five years ago she transferred to her current brigade in Snake Valley where she is a Lieutenant and Secretary and Community Saferty Coordinator.

While she now gets to be the one to show the kids around the station and teach them about the equipment, Kerryann fondly remembers going out on an excursion to the local fire brigade in her first year of school, where members took the time to let her get on the hose and showed her how their equipment works. Kerryann says that being able to give kids the same experience that she had as a child is a privilege she thoroughly enjoys.

Wanting to encourage more people to join their local brigade, Kerryann also speaks well about her experience and training that's helped her grow in confidence to tackle the challenges ahead.

"When I joined I had little experience and wondered if I had what it took to face off against the red devil, but as I progressed through the training it became less and less daunting, my confidence grew and now not only do I go out on the trucks to tame the red devil, I have a licence to drive them!

"If you have ever considered joining a brigade, I strongly encourage you to give it a go.


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Submitted by Eddie Seah