Level 3 incident management ceremony 2022

Member News image The dedicated group of emergency management personnel accredited and reaccredited between 2019 and 2022


Incident management leaders from CFA were recognised for their commitment, dedication and determination in performing their emergency management roles on Wednesday 7 November 2022, at The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne in a Level 3 accreditation ceremony.


The dedicated group of incident controllers, public information officers, operations officers, planning officers, logistics officers and fire behaviour analyst were accredited and reaccredited between 2019 and 2022. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a ceremony to recognise individuals face-to-face couldn't be held in 2019, 2020, and 2021. A virtual ceremony was conducted during the restrictions. 

The 30 accredited and 48 reaccredited graduates included members from across the state, from Swan Hill, Wangaratta to Heywood and Orbost, and included a great mix of PTA staff, FRV secondees and volunteer members. 

Together, their broad range of skills, experience and backgrounds will contribute to our incident management capability in the state. Many have been, or are currently, deployed to support flood operations.

The accreditation process is a formal evaluation and authorisation of personnel to perform incident management roles. It is an official acknowledgement that an individual has demonstrated the training, experience, and aptitude needed to perform an incident management role to the required standard.

The accreditation program recognises the significant contribution that personnel have made to their functional role and incident management in general. Their accreditation is the culmination of a process of work preference analysis testing, professional development programs, functional and leadership training and experience across a variety of Level 2 and Level 3 incidents. 

The graduates were accredited based on the recommendation of a multi-agency panel of experienced incident management personnel, senior agency staff and a psychologist.

All Level 3 accredited recipients were presented with a certificate acknowledging their accreditation, a tabard and a pin by CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan and Deputy Chief Officer Garry Cook.

For incident controllers, the pin is a combination of the rake hoe and axe, symbolising both forest and urban fire environments. For other functional officers, the pin is a rake hoe. Members being recognised for L3 reaccreditation in their roles were also presented with a certificate by Jason and Garry.

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said “It is important that we recognise and acknowledge our members recommended for accreditation and reaccreditation and those members most recently recommended for accreditation in October of this year," Jason said.

"As leaders in an IMT, you attain much responsibility in protecting the community and property of Victoria during major emergencies.”  

To learn more about the accreditation process, go to EM-COP Library > Training-Exercising > Training-IMT > or email accreditation@cfa.vic.gov.au


  • Member News imageThe dedicated group of Incident Controllers, Public Information Officers, Operations Officers, Planning Officers and Logistics Officers who were reaccredited between 2019 – 2022.
  • Member News image For incident controllers, the pin is a combination of the rake hoe and axe, symbolising both forest and urban fire environments. For other functional officers, the pin is a rake hoe.
  • Member News image Nicki Lund CFA North East Region Volunteer Logistics Officer accredited in 2020.
  • Member News image John Cowan - CFA North West Region Volunteer Planning Officer reaccredited in 2019.
Submitted by Sharon Mifsud