Mosquito Creek's Montanna Maud named Young Citizen of the Year

Member News image 4th Lt. Montanna Maud


CFA's Montanna Maud from Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade has been named City of Greater Bendigo's Young Citizen of the year for 2024.


The 20-year-old was acknowledged for service to her local brigade as well as for her involvement in the Axedale Events Committee and volunteer work at the Elmore Equestrian Club Committee.

4th Lieutenant Montanna Maud said she didn’t expect the award and it was a bit overwhelming.

"I was extremely honoured to get such a prestigious award but I definitely don't do all this work to be recognised. It's just a bonus because the volunteering is rewarding in itself," Montanna said.

"I just love CFA. The experiences that you get are amazing.

"When you help people and it's not the best day for them, being their helping hand and seeing the relief when you get there makes all this volunteering worth it."

Montanna decided to start volunteering because her parents have always been volunteers and she felt inspired to walk the same path. Her sister Morgan is also a member of the Mosquito Creek brigade but when they were first approached to join CFA, Montanna admits she was a little unsure.

"You think of a firefighter and you do think male. It is a very male dominated industry. So that was obviously a little bit of a challenge to overcome but you've just got to give it a go," she said.

Montanna has no regrets about taking the plunge and getting out of her comfort zone.

"I'm so keen and eager every time the pager goes off I'm like oh my god, yes! Finally! I'd eat, sleep and breathe it if I could everyday which is terrible to say because you never want fires to happen but I love it so much."

"You do get that little bit of uncertainty when it might be a car accident or sometimes I've even read the address and I'm like I know that property, I know those people. That definitely makes it tricky but I think being able to switch off from that personal connection and being like 'we have a job to do' is really important."

Montanna assisted in the flood recovery in Redesdale after heavy rain inundated properties and damaged several roads in the region in early January. She conducted welfare checks, helped transport a patient to an ambulance that was unable to get through flood waters and made motorists aware of local road closures.

"Even if I might be a little bit nervous to go to something I always know the other firefighters on the truck are going to have my back."


  • Member News image4th Lt. Montanna Maud (left) with her sister Brigade Comm. Safety Coordinator Morgan Maud
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