New Cultural Inclusion training package

The Inclusion and Fairness team has launched a new module called Cultural Inclusion on the CFA Learning Hub.


Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world: 26 per cent of its inhabitants were born overseas, almost one in two people have at least one parent born outside the country, and 3 per cent of the population are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.

The online training course builds capability around cultural diversity. You will learn about the benefits of cultural diversity, about cultural differences and similarities and about cultural adaptation. You will also gain practical cross-cultural communication skills you can use daily.

Six modules are available now: Core Inclusion, Indigenous Inclusion, Gender Inclusion, LGBTIQ+ Inclusion, Disability Inclusion and Cultural Inclusion.

An additional module called  Age is currently being developed by SBS, the provider of the training package.

Each of the modules has set themes and learning objectives and participants can learn at their own pace.

The courses are highly engaging online learning experiences. They tell real stories, create empathy, make complex information digestible, and provide practical things people can do.

Content is largely delivered as short films, animations and interviews featuring real stories from diverse people, academics and leaders of diverse teams.

To access these modules, log onto the CFA Learning Hub, access the Digital Learning catalogue and find all five of these modules in the inclusion folder.

Author: Inclusion and Fairness