New wheels arrive at Bookaar Fire Brigade

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Bookaar Fire Brigade was thrilled to add a new big fill trailer to its fleet on Sunday, 19 March.


CFA Commander Dion Robinson was in attendance to present the new equipment to Captain Neil Dickson and other brigade members.

The single-axle trailer is equipped with a water-cooled diesel engine, coupled to a pump with an output of up to 2,000 litres per minute.

The unit will be used by the Camperdown Group of brigades and can the used at water fill points to refill multiple trucks at the same time or supply water directly to the fire ground.

It can also be used in a relay pumping situation or connected to a hydrant if necessary.

The big fill trailer is useful for both bushfire and static fire events such as structure fires.

Bookaar Captain Dickson said the Camperdown Group was pleased to receive the appliance through the Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program (VESEP) and brigade funds from generous community donations.

“The unit will fill a gap in our firefighting capability for the region,” he said.

“There are sites across our response area that can require a high quantity of water should a fire start.”

The unit will be a key asset for not only the brigade, but neighbouring brigades, the Camperdown Group and wider community.

The brigade also gathered to present service awards to long-serving members of the brigade to acknowledge the commitment they have made to CFA and their community.


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