North-east duo celebrate Father’s Day

Member News image Luke and Frank Commisso


Frank and Luke Commisso are just one of the many wonderful family pairs within CFA. The father and son are celebrating Father’s Day today (Sunday 3 September) alongside many others across the state.


Frank, 72, and Luke, 38, are 1st Lieutenant and Captain, respectively, of North West Mooroopna Fire Brigade. 

Inspired by Frank’s brother Mario to join, the pair have been on more than 100 strike teams between them in their 20-year span, including the 2009 fires, the Hazelwood coal mine fire and the 2022 floods, which heavily impacted their local area. 

Luke recounts a funny moment from his time on a strike team to the Hazelwood fire. 

“We’re known to squabble a little bit here and there, being father and son,” Luke said. 

“I was about to step on the bus and the bus driver stood up, stepped in front of the door, looked at us and said, ‘any squabbling, any jokes, anything from you two and you’re off the bus’, and everyone just laughed because they know exactly what we’re like.” 

Frank said both him and Luke like to keep morale up on strike teams – situations they acknowledge can often be quite difficult. 

“If morale is up, you’ve got good firefighting – so that’s really important to both Luke and me,” Frank said. 

Luke said that his favourite part about volunteering with his dad was having someone to support him at all times. 

“I think just knowing that I’ve got good support beside me, it’s good knowing that I’ve got him by my side,” Luke said. 

Frank echoed Luke’s statement. 

“We know each other’s strengths and we know what the other one is capable of, which helps us on the fireground,” Frank said. 

Both Frank and Luke say the best part of volunteering as a whole is knowing that, at the end of the day, you’ve helped someone. 

“It’s a great feeling, giving back and knowing you’ve helped someone – and it encourages you to keep going and get out there and do more. It gives you that motivation to keep going,” Luke said. 

“As well as that, the leadership skills I’ve developed through the CFA are absolutely incredible.” 

As for Father’s Day the pair have a quiet day planned, with Luke planning on cooking Frank a nice meal. 


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