Notes of gratitude after the fires

Member News image Brigade captain Peter Connell with some of the thank you cards


Loch Sport Primary students have thanked their local brigade a month after bushfires came within 500 metres of the school. 


Sixteen students wrote thank you cards to the Loch Sport Fire Brigade and other emergency services that helped during the bushfires.   

The thank you notes included messages like “thank you CFA, you’re our hero, you saved our lives”;CFA you’re the best” and “thank you for making us safe”. 

The schoolchildren and nine of the Loch Sport brigade members met on Wednesday to exchange the cards and inspect the burnt-out fire ground. 

Brigade captain Peter Connell said the notes were “very appreciated” with some children even putting superheroes on the cards. 

Mr Connell said the recent bushfire was ferocious. 

“It was the hottest one I’ve seen in that area, and I’ve been down here for 55 years,” he said. 

Damian Lappin, Loch Sport Primary principal, said the children often wrote cards to show gratitude.  

“The general rule is we write letters for people that do stuff for us, and the CFA certainly helped us,” he said.  

Mr Connell says the school has several aspiring firefighters due to its ongoing interaction with the local brigade.  

“During the fire, one of the students with autism was able to tell her mum what different units do, what was probably happening and how they were safe because the CFA was there,” he said. 

“That was calming for mum, who was stressed by the fire. The student was able to relay messages the firefighters have taught her over four years and how it’s the CFA’s job to keep us safe.” 

No homes were lost in the Loch Sport fires, which were contained at appropriately 3,922 hectares.  


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