One-week-old foal rescued and reunited with its mum

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CFA crews rescued a foal that had become stuck in a hole on the weekend.


On Saturday 14 October 2023, a rare one-week-old Icelandic foal was safely reunited with its mother thanks to the efforts of Arthurs Creek and Strathewen Fire Brigade's Large Animal Rescue Unit along with members from Doreen and Panton Hill brigades.

The owner found the prized foal stuck in a hole within a dam wall and quickly contacted her neighbour Lachie Bakewell, a first lieutenant at Arthurs Creek Fire Brigade, who notified the rest of his brigade to assist.

“When we arrived, we found the foal completely stuck in a hole and couldn’t reach its head," Arthurs Creek and Strathewen Captain Warren Rees said.

“Safety being a priority, the foal was sedated by a vet before we dug into the dam and brought it up with ropes." 

Hypothermic from the event, the 70 kilogram foal was carried to safety by the rescue team and placed in a warm rug.

Much to the relief of the owners, the foal quickly recovered and was reunited with its mother. 


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Submitted by Eddie Seah