Silo art pays homage to CFA's history

Member News image The silo, featuring an Austin LU600 fire truck, is one of six new art pieces in Colbinabbin


CFA has been honoured with a feature on a new silo artwork in Colbinabbin.


The silo art, part of a new series of six in the town, features CFA’s original Austin LU600 fire truck sitting on the local channel bank.

Painted by artist Tim Bowtell, the mural is dedicated to the proud history of CFA within the town, and the ongoing work that our members do within their communities.

The artwork was completed in May 2020, but was officially opened at a ceremony on Sunday 6 February, with the mural’s inspiration – the Austin tanker – in attendance.

Sadie Vale, event organiser, said the choice to honour CFA was made by the local community.

“We did extensive community consultation around what people wanted on the silos, and one of the suggestions was an acknowledgement of the CFA,” Sadie said.

“Some of us knew about the old LU600 in the Fire Services Museum, so we thought that was perfect and decided to include it in the mural.

“The artist, Tim Bowtell, was also a driving force behind including CFA. He agreed that it would be a great reflection of the rich history of CFA in the Colbinabbin area.”

Sadie said that the silos are of high importance for the people of Colbinabbin.

“The silos and their artwork tell a story of the history of our town, and it’s fantastic seeing them officially opened.”

CFA CEO Natalie MacDonald and Chief Officer Jason Heffernan were also in attendance at the event.

 “Every day our members do incredible work to protect the lives and properties of Victorians across the state,” Natalie said.

“To be recognised in such a way and to have our history on display on this silo is a real honour.”

 Chief Officer Jason Heffernan echoed Natalie’s sentiments.

“Being able to see the artwork in person was absolutely fantastic,” said Jason.

“To be a part of this tribute to our people is really spectacular and reflects the amazing work that our members do in their local communities.”

The artwork can be found in Colbinabbin. More information can be found here.


  • Member News imageLong-term Colbinabbin volunteer Maurice Ryan, Wendy Lovell MP and Chief Officer Jason Heffernan
  • Member News image The inspiration behind the silo, the LU600
  • Member News image The silo is one of six reflecting the history of the Colbinabbin area
  • Member News image The silos were completed in May 2020 but officially opened on 6 February 2022.
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