Take extra precaution when driving this winter season

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CFA crews responded to an accident in Merricks.


Balnarring Fire Brigade were called to a car accident on Frankston-Flinders Road in Merricks late last month at 9.15am.

The driver of the vehicle was driving along a stretch of high-speed road on his way to work when he lost control of the vehicle, spinning it 180 degrees before slamming into a tree.

Miraculously, the driver was able to walk away from the accident with only minor injuries to his leg. Ambulance Victoria were on scene and attended to him.

Balnarring Fire Brigade Lieutenant Matt Gee who attended the incident said, “Extra precaution should be taken by drivers during the cooler months as it gets dark earlier, and the roads may be slippery.

“A moments distraction could be all it takes to get into an accident.”


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Submitted by Eddie Seah