Victorians reminded fire-risk remains through autumn

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Victoria’s drier than average conditions are expected to continue into autumn. This follows below average rainfall across much of the west and central areas of Victoria, and in parts of south and west Gippsland, according to the Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook for Autumn, released today.


Central and southern parts of Victoria are recording the most significant grass growth, with the potential risk of fast running grassfires continuing into autumn.

The outlook forecasts below average rainfall in the north and west, along with average to warmer than average maximum temperatures.

A lack of rainfall coupled with warm and dry conditions could see the potential for bushfires in some forests.

Victoria remains well prepared for the potential of fires, with a mix of water bombing aircraft, air supervision and air intelligence gathering aircraft positioned across the state to support our dedicated volunteer and career firefighters on the ground.

Emergency services are keeping an eye on any changes in conditions, however the outlook of normal fire potential across most of Victoria is what we can expect in the autumn season.

The Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook for Autumn is developed by AFAC and supported by the Bureau of Meteorology along with state and territory fire and land managers.

It’s important for communities to understand their local risks. Local flood guides for your area can be found on the VicEmergency website. You can also keep up to date with the Fire Danger Ratings on the VicEmergency app and VicEmergency website.


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