New resource for lessons learned

The Lessons Management Centre (LMC) has launched new pages on CFA Online as part of the commitment to performance improvement, learning from experiences and engaging with CFA members


Lessons management is the management of a continuous learning cycle where we learn from our experiences by capturing and analysing observations, and sharing lessons identified to improve performance.

The online resource ( will make it easier for members to learn from these lessons with the entire CFA case study library now available online. LMC Coordinator Katerina Sirianos hopes the website will encourage members to get in touch with the centre to share their own stories.

“We encourage everyone to own their mistakes and successes so we can all learn from each other’s experiences,” Katerina said.

The website will also host a range of resources related to lessons management and operations and will be updated throughout the year to give members easy access to learning products from CFA and other agencies from around the world.

There’s also a link to EM Share, an online platform that enables sharing of observations from your experiences before, during and after emergencies. This helps the emergency management sector to learn from incidents and drive continuous improvement.

We encourage you to share your experiences with us and if you would like more information about how you can be involved, particularly in case study development, email

Author: Sarah Booth