A new way to express your interest

The Volunteer Onboarding Platform (VOP) is a new purpose-built online platform designed to create an end to end onboarding process for new CFA volunteers. 


Creating a streamline process from the time a person first expresses interest to join CFA, through to the time they are registered as a CFA volunteer. The platform can be found on the CFA public page.

It will revolutionise how CFA onboards new volunteer members, based on the two key components of the platform:

  • Enhancing the existing online volunteer Expression of Interest (EOI) platform, both the public facing interface and the internal dashboard used to manage applications
  • A move towards an online member registration process, including police check, medical requirements etc

“It’s important to note that the enhancements to the EOI system and the VOP won’t replace current brigade recruitment practices and engagement with new members,” said Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Project Manager Niki Habibis.

“It is designed to streamline the administrative side of managing new EOI’s and moving forward, member registration.”

A working group was established at the start of the process, with representatives from each Region and VFBV to ensure the needs of end users are met. 

“The project team is focused on creating a platform which meets the needs of CFA, brigades and community.”

The development and release of the VOP IS taking a staged approach. 

The phase 2 release at the end of March 2021 builds on the enhanced features of phase 1 and now includes:

  • Interactive mapping
  • Potential new members can enter their home or work or alternate address, e.g. holiday home, and a map will show the closest brigade/s to their chosen address
  • Generic information about the Brigade i.e. general type of risk
  • Ensuring only one (1) open application per applicant, which will reduce the instance of multiple applications being submitted
  • Brigade recruiting status per role type will visible to applicant when preferred brigade is selected
  • Introduction of a waiting list, which can be activated/deactivated by the brigade themselves through an admin section on the dashboard

The project team has developed a range of tools and resources for brigades and support staff to help navigate the new system.  This includes FAQs, a user manual and video demonstrations of the system. These tools are available on the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Program page on the CFA intranet.

“We have held demonstrations for each release of the platform with field-based staff, which was really well received.  It’s great to see the enthusiasm towards the platform”, Niki added.

To provide feedback on the VOP, feel free to contact your regional representative, or submit directly to the project team via the Volunteer Onboarding Project Feedback Survey. For further questions, please feel free to contact vopmailbox@cfa.vic.gov.au

Author: CFA News